Shaving your head can be liberating. Many people like the idea of experimenting with hairstyles but are unsure of what to expect after that. You may also be worried about the rate of hair growth post-baldness and hair care once the hair starts growing back.

Here are some head shaving tips that can help you shave your head with confidence.

Get Comfortable with the Shape

Most men might never have been bald in their entire lives. Hence, the shape of their heads might come as a surprise. Some skulls have bumps and ridges that you might not have noticed.

It would be best if you prepared yourself to embrace the natural shape of your head once the hair is gone and welcome the final result wholeheartedly.

Hire a Professional

Most men assume that since they are doing away with their hair altogether, simply grabbing a razor and doing it at home will do the job. However, if you are not used to handling a razor, you may get nicks and cuts that may even leave behind scars. You don’t want to stand in front of your bathroom mirror bleeding from a cut with only half your hair shaved off.

Please hire a professional or visit a men’s salon to do it for you. Moreover, hair experts will prepare you for what to expect, as many men are left fazed when they see themselves without hair for the first time.

Hair Care for Bald Heads

It is easy to assume that once your hair is gone, you don’t need to maintain it anymore. However, after a week, the fuzz starts appearing, and the first growth post-baldness can look unkempt. It is up to you whether you want to stay with the bald look or re-grow your hair again.

In both cases, you will need to visit a hair professional to shave off the fuzz again or trim your hair and keep it in shape as it re-grows. The professionals can also help you prepare for better hair if you plan to re-grow your hair.

Bald Head Maintenance

You must understand that your scalp will be fully exposed once you go bald. The skin can be prone to flakiness, and you may also uncover skin problems that usually go undetected under the hair. It is vital to seek professional help to keep your scalp in good shape.

The experts will recommend products based on your skin type so that they do not affect your hair if you decide to grow it again. However, with proper care, you might even love the look so much that you decide to stay bald.

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