Are you tired of having constant bad hair days? If you’re struggling to find your perfect hairstyle, chances are you haven’t explored beyond shampoo or hairspray.

Hairstyling might seem straightforward, but the real challenge usually is finding which hairstyling product works for you. Whether you want to tame a shaggy mane or just perfect your pompadour, our pick of the best hair products for men will explain what works for you.

Ready to elevate your hair game and achieve your desired style? Read on to learn more about the best hairstyling products.


If you opt for a timeless, retro-inspired look, classic pomades are an excellent choice.

Pomades provide medium-high hold and lots of shine, making it perfect for a slicked-back hairstyle or a classic and high pompadour.

This product is easy to apply and rework throughout the day, ensuring your style stays intact.


Gel has been a staple in men’s hairstyling for decades and it’s still popular among men of all ages.

Gel popularity resides in its reliability—it gives a strong hold and long-lasting style, making it the perfect choice for those who prefer a well-groomed, polished look, and tamed poofy sides.

It’s not bad to use gel daily if you go easy with it. For big fans of gel, try to use an amount roughly the size of a dime for short hair, and the size of a quarter for medium to long hair.


Wax fits somewhere in between the pomade and the gel. It has a stronger hold than the pomade but without turning your hair into concrete, as would happen with gel.

This product provides a high, texturized hold with a subtle shine. Although wax is most commonly used in short-cut hair, it can also be applied to control flyaways on long hairstyles and beards.

Wax is suitable for application on either dry or wet hair. Apply a small amount of wax to the palm of your hand and warm it up by rubbing it between your fingers. Once the wax gets softer, you can work with it by raking your fingers through your hair.


Paste is a versatile hairstyling product that combines the benefits of styling cream and pomade. It has a thick consistency and is highly malleable. The versatility of paste is unmatched as it can be used on medium or long hairstyles regardless of thickness.

To apply the paste, make sure to take a small amount and scoop a pea-sized amount of it onto your fingertips. Rub the paste between your palms to warm it up so you can distribute it through your hair.

Sea Salt Spray

As its name says, this texture-enhancing spray is infused with salt, which absorbs excess oil, providing volume to your hair.

Sea salt spray offers the ability to recreate that effortlessly tousled look reminiscent of a day spent at the beach. It’s ideal to enhance your hair’s natural waves and curls, plus it revitalizes your scalp.

Applying the spray is a breeze—simply spritz it onto your hair, use your fingers to work it through, and shape it as desired.

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