Professional, classic, trendy, clean cut, or bold as you want—the options are endless when it comes to a fade. Fades are easily the most popular haircut for men. One reason for the spike in popularity is their undeniable versatility. There are so many different types and ways to customize this hairstyle. Fades have the potential to flatter every face shape and work with multiple different hair types.

We are here to break down some of the most popular fades with tips to help you decide which style is best suited for you.

What Is a Fade?

First of all, let’s start with what defines a fade. A fade is a style of haircut where the hair gradually tapers down on the sides and back. Essentially, it means a transition of lengths that ‘fade’ away before it reaches the natural hairline. This haircut is immensely versatile and can be styled in a variety of ways, including the level of the fade. They include taper, low, mid, or high and are defined by how high the shortest part of the hair goes up the head and starts to transition into another longer length. A lower fade typically means more coverage, whereas the higher the fade, the more maintenance it may require. Keep reading for more style options for this edgy yet smart haircut.

The Drop Fade

The drop fade got its name from the visible faded arc from the temple following behind the curve of the ear, giving this style a little more dimension and shape without being too drastic. If you are looking for something new to experiment with for a distinguished and classic look, we suggest you try this one out!

The Burst Fade

The burst fade has a little more flare than other styles and has been joked to be a classier version of a mohawk. Instead of fading the hair straight around the sides, the focus is fading along the outer edge of the ear until the lower neck. It is incredibly adaptable to various hair lengths, styles, and textures. If you have curly hair, wavy or straight hair, this fade can work to make an edgy, eye-catching haircut.

The Temple Fade

The temple fade is a type of haircut where the essential fade location is at the temple. The hair gradually fades into the skin with smooth temple lines, making subtlety and versatility its fundamental characteristics. This style has a lot of room for a wide range of hairstyles for the rest of the head and creates the perfect distinction between the hairline and beard.

The Skin Fade

The skin fade or bald fade explains it all in the name. This style takes the side of the hair down to the skin, leaving no hair. The skin fade is the most defined fade since it is clear to see hair going from bald into a 0.5-inch length, then 2-inch at the top of the sides. Skin fades look particularly striking on people with dark hair due to the contrast. However, keep in mind that a skin fade is a higher-maintenance hairstyle.

The next time you are thinking about trying out a new look, don’t be afraid to fade. Ask your barber questions about the best style and fade for you! Head to Men’s Dept. Barbershop for high-quality men’s haircuts and expert barbers. Call 727-588-7755 or click here to book your next appointment.